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Tyvek Plugster - Plugsters are a product made from Tyvek material which is both lightweight and very strong. Printed full colour with your details.

Plastic pocket case with five plasters.

Simple RFID credit card protector in plastic.

Round plastic single pocket mirror .

Serenity earplugs in case. Ear plugs in snap travel case. PU foam and PP plastic case.

Plastic neon snap arm band. For promotional use only.

Lip Gloss Jar. Vanilla flavoured lip gloss in round container with screw on lid. Polypropylene.

Compact Mirror with paper inlay.

Carmen glamour mirror. Flip top cover converts to mirror stand. PS Plastic.

Hand sanitizer gel with moisturizers and vitamin E in a PET container (15ml).

Plasters in a box - A re-useable plastic bandage box containing sterile first aid plasters. A card insert is printed on one side with your artwork in full colour.

Compact plastic container including 5 pcs adhesive bandages.

Round plastic double pocket mirror.

5 piece plaster box. 5 Plasters in transparent box. EN 13485 compliant. Plastic.

Earbud set in convenient plastic tube.

Hand cleaning spray in a plastic transparent 10ml tube.

Natural lip balm in assorted colours. Dermatologically tested. SPF15.

Single sided make-up mirror in plastic housing.

Lip Gloss in Flat Case. Vanilla flavoured lip gloss in flat sliding case. ABS plastic.

Silicone earplugs (not for music) attached to a cord and presented in a PP cassette with a belt clip on the back.

Frosted translucent lip balm cylinder

Plastic foldable pocket mirror and brush.

Two in one. Nail file and emery board set.

Foldable plastic hair brush with mirror.

Lip Gloss Ball. Vanilla flavoured lip gloss in round container with screw on lid. ABS plastic.

Self heating re-usable PVC and acetate Pad Printed, to apply heat squeeze the metal disk several times. To re-use, immerse in hot water.

Round plastic hot/cold pack filled with water beads. Can be reheated or re-cooled after use. Reusable in freezer or in a pan with warm water.

Hand sanitizer gel pen with easy to use pump.

Hand sanitizer in pen shape with spray on top. 10 ml.

Plastic safety light with clip two functions can blink or have permanent light. Batteries included.

Plastic ice scraper with handle.

Square shaped plastic hot/cold pack filled with water beads. Can be reheated or re-cooled after use. Reusable in freezer or in a pan with warm water.

UV sensor watch/ bracelet for skin protection awareness. The device will notify by a circle-shaped UV chain meter the level of UV (Ultraviolet) intensity.

Heart shaped flashing safety light with a clip attachment. Batteries included.

10ml natural base lip balm in an aluminium tin. Available in a range of flavours and colours upon request.

Shini reflector light. Reflector with flashing red light and back clip. Battery included. ABS and PP plastic.

Spritz 10ml hand cleanser spray pen. Spray pen cleans and refreshes hands and has a disinfecting effect. Removable cap exposes spray tip for use. Plastic.

Rounded double sided compact mirror in transparent colours.

Foldable hairbrush with mirror in plastic housing.

Cubix Lip Balm. Vanilla-flavoured, neutral colour lip balm in a cube case. Twist off lid. Plastic.

Fruity flavoured lip balm in round pot. Dermatologically tested.

Elasticated eye mask. Available in 9 colours

Foldable hair brush and mirror in plastic housing. Silver spray finish.

Hand spray in a transparent PET credit card shaped case (20ml).

Allure Lip Balm. Lip balm case with mirror inside of lid. Vanilla-flavoured, neutral colour lip balm. Plastic.

30ml oval shaped hand sanitiser in a coloured silicone casing with coloured loop closure

Make-up mirror with regular and magnifying mirrors.

Rolli metallic lip balm. Vanilla-flavoured, neutral colour lip balm in metallic colour ball case. Twist off top lid to expose lip balm. One colour imprint, black ink only. Plastic.



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