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from £0.29

This 23cm stainless steel brush is perfect for deep cleaning metal straws.

from £0.56

Stainless steel metal straw with engraved logo. Coloured option, cleaning brush and pouch also available at an additional cost.

from £0.67

Strong Metal Straw that Offers a Stylish Alternative to Disposable Straws.

from £1.02

Straight stainless steel metal straw. Cleaning brush and pouch available at an additional cost.

from £1.25

Straight stainless steel metallic metal straw.

from £1.46

Reusable cotton straw pouch with drawstring tie.

from £1.63

Paper straws in cardboard sleeve. 50pc

from £2.27

Four stainless steel, environmentally friendly drinking straws. Length of the straws is 23 cm. The set includes a cleaning brush.

from £3.28

Retractable metal straw that offers a stylish alternative to disposable straws.

from £3.72

The Folding Straws can be supplied in an ABS or eco-friendly wheat fibre box, a pull out cleaning brush is supplied in the case as standard. The box is available in 6 Colours and can be Printed up to 4 spot Colours.

from £3.88

The Extendable Straw is supplied in an Aluminium case with an extendable cleaning brush as standard.The case can be supplied in 6 different Colours and are laser engraved to 1 position.



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