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Webcam cover with double-sided stickers to hold the cover in place. The cover easily slides open and closed.

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Cover for mobile device camera to protect privacy. In a wide range of tones, with 3M reusable adhesive.

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USB Lights use LED bulbs to brightly light up any area you need. It is flexible, so allows you to direct your light.Powered directly from your USB, simply plug in and illuminate.Ideal for use with any computer, laptop, power bank or USB plug.

from £1.17

USB to USB-C Adapter is suitable for use with and USB-C cable in a USB port.Most new phones come with a USB-C cable as standard, however we all have USB port chargers making this a convenient product.Laser engraved with your logo on 1 or 2 sides.Choice of Black or Silver.Minimum 25pcs.

from £3.03

Our Web Cam Covers are a practical and safe way of protecting your privacy.Complete with sliding front section so you can slide open when you want to use your web cam and slide closed for security.Made from super thin durable plastic. Adhesive for easy application to your laptop or computer.Custom Printed backing card.

from £3.04

Charging cable with a USB and micro USB, USB-C and Lightning. Cable length: approx. 95 cm.

from £3.42

Multi-Colour Multi-Cable is perfect for connecting all of your devices by USB, whether it be a power bank, usb plug or your computer.The cables have Lightning, 30-Pin, Micro-USB, Mini USB, Type-C & USB tips. Supplied in individual poly bags as standard.

from £3.66

Our PowerTool Multi-Cable is perfect for connecting all of your devices to any USB product, whether it be one of our power banks, USB plug or your computer.The leads have a iPhone 5/6 Lightning cable, iPhone 4 30-Pin cable, Micro-USB cable & USB cable.Full Colour Print with free setup.Supplied individually poly bagged as standard.

from £3.68

Troup 4-in-1 charging cable with type-C tip. USB data and charging cable with 4 connectors, USB adapter, two micro-USB adapters, and Type-C adapter. ABS Plastic.

from £4.24

USB-C to USB-A 3.0 adapter made of aluminium. Compatible with USB 3.1 gen 1 up to 5 GB/s data transmission and downward compatible with lower versions. 10 times faster than USB 2.0 in handling data. Maximum 900mA downstream charging per port and max 3A downstream charging across all USB-A ports. Delivered in a premium kraft paper box with a colourful sticker. Aluminium, ABS Plastic.

from £6.67

USB and USB-C Plug is suitable for charging any phone via USB or USB-C cable.This UK 3 pin plug has both USB and USB-C ports for fast charging. Cable of charging 2 devices at the same time.Printed with your logo on 1 or 2 sides.Choice of Black or White.Minimum 50pcs.

from £10.41

Next GEN 32GB rotatable USB that offers dual ports (Type-C and USB-A). USB 3.0 with a write speed of 9MB/s and a read speed of 20MB/s. Delivered in an envelop. ABS Plastic.



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