Ah, Easter. A delightful religious holiday, a time to think of rebirth, new life, fresh starts, and the onset of spring. And, also, a time to gorge yourself on ridiculous quantities of chocolate until you can’t speak from exhaustion. At Stay Sourced we have a brilliant selection of promotional Easter products covering everything from branded bunny ears to personalisable Easter eggs, so you make the most of this important seasonal event and make sure that your brand gets the maximum amount of exposure possible over the bank holiday weekend. Seasonal events are excellent for catching your target audience in a good mood, and usually around key seasonal events people find they are willing to reach a little deeper into their wallet – which can only mean good things for your company! Our branded Easter products come in all shapes and sizes and are all completely customisable to your specifications, and on all our products we offer a price match guarantee. All you need to do to find out more about our offers is contact a team member, and we’ll be happy to help!

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