If there is one promotional item that you can guarantee will be required during this British Summertime, it has got to be the branded umbrella! Even when we have drought alerts across the South of the UK you can be sure that those promotional umbrellas are going to get plenty of use as the torrential rain sweeps in across the country. It is not unusual for the average Briton to have multiple branded umbrellas in their ownership at any one time – as you never know when you are going to get caught short. One branded umbrella for the house (near the front door), one for the car (in the boot, glovebox or door), one promotional umbrella for the office and then for the ladies, a compact branded umbrella for the handbag, for times when you are hit by a sudden deluge when you are out and about! Let’s also not forget the keen golfer – who will always have his or her trusty promotional umbrella in with the golf clubs! Branded umbrellas are great promotional items and not just for their convenience and usefulness – but for their branding opportunity. When fully extended these promotional umbrellas offer one of the greatest visual branding spaces than pretty much any other promotional item. The two tone colour options on branded umbrellas also give it a real visual standout, particularly in crowds where blacks, greys and blues tend to dominate the branded umbrella skyline. As with all of our ranges there are a plethora of things to consider – do you want a retracting ‘micro’ promotional umbrella, or are you looking for a storm proof branded umbrella or an unusual shaped bespoke umbrella. What sort of handle and finish are you looking for – it is for the youth market or a classic, more traditional audience? Whatever your requirements give us a call and we can talk you through the world of promotional umbrellas.

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