When you need to create a marketing campaign which focused on children there is one promotional item that never fails to hit the spot...branded stickers. Ever since the dawn of time kids have loved stickers. What is it about promotional stickers that gets them so excited? Four year olds bedrooms around the country will have promotional stickers adorned on the walls, cupboards, radiator ....basically if it doesn’t move, it gets a branded sticker on it. In our house, even if it does moves it gets the promotional sticker treatment. Obviously our early years are paved with promotional character stickers and books where we can create scenes with reusable stickers. This then turns into a sticker habit...thanks to the like of Panini who relieve of us of our pocket money for many years by getting us to spend our money on branded stickers – whether it is the club badge of our favourite football club, our latest musical idols or characters from the latest Disney release. We also get branded stickers at school as a reward for being good, being clever or trying hard. It is really no wonder children become branded sticker obsessive! However all of this is good news for the promotional marketer who is targeting their campaign at children as promotional stickers are the closest you are going to get to a sure fire hit and they are very cost effective! Bonus! At Stay Sourced we offer the lot so we can meet your promotional stickers requirement whether you are after safety reflective stickers, glow-in-the-dark stickers, activity sticker sheets, window stickers, or those peel-able re-stickable stickers that can be used again and again. Whatever your campaign – give us a ring and we will find the right promotional sticker for you!

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