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Promotional sports bottles are one of our product ranges which has really evolved over the last few years. Rewind 10 years and most companies would have previously had 1 or 2 different options for branded sports bottles. However, today, like with many of our promotional categories, the choice and variety of promotional sports bottles is quite staggering. Originally branded sports bottles were used mainly by cyclists and Sunday morning football teams (one squirt in conjunction with the magic sponge could miraculously heal even the most horrific injury). Today though, as the range of different promotional sports bottles has widened and the continued health messages of how important it is to drink a minimum of 2 litres per water a day, the different target markets for branded sports bottles has grown considerably. Most parents will be well aware the vast majority of children are asked to bring their own water bottles to school with them now – again a big shift in social behaviour that has become the norm. Commuters are heavy users of branded sports bottles at is an affordable and healthy alternative to getting a coffee or juice on the way in to work. There has also been a significant increase, largely fuelled by initiatives such as the congestion charge and hire-by-the-hour bikes, in commuters cycling into work – which again increases demand for the quick hit thirst quenching power of promotional sports bottles. On the market now we have the traditional range of promotional sports bottles (plastic with valve nozzle) to eco friendly recycled sports bottles, lightweight aluminium branded sports bottles to Aquaskin and foldable bottles – perfect for the gym-goers rucksack or sports bag! This year we have even seen a range of branded sports bottles with integrated filter – so you can collect more water from natural resources whilst you are on the go!

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