Now, promotional pencils often get forgotten about, lost in the all noise of that more popular promotional product – the pen. However it is no secret that many people prefer to scribble down their notes using a branded pencil. We at Stay Sourced love them because if it wasn’t for promotional pencils, our promotional pencil cases, pencil sharpeners and eraser would be redundant. Branded pencils are a great cost effective giveaway – and have quite a high retention rate as not as many people actually receive them due to the dominance of the promotional pen. However the branded pencil has a few advantages over its relative as it never leaks, it never runs out unexpectedly, it can be used in space (far more effective than a NASA pen) and if your toddler gets hold of it – it offers damage limitation. So if you have decided that promotional pencils are the right product for you – what sort of selection of products are available? Well considering that all a pencil really is, is a length of lead, the choice of branded pencils is quite mind boggling. Obviously you can play it safe and go for your bog standard HB branded pencil (only the artistic types started to veer away into the land of the B’s) or you can go for recycled branded pencils (made from old CD cases), or the ever faithful refillable pencil – available in plastic or the more upmarket silver casing! Of course we also offer a range of colouring promotional pencils, in a set or holder – which is a perfect promotion for the kids. After all of this you have the big question – do you want the integrated rubber tip? So many choices and so little time! Give us a call and we can point you in the right direction of which branded pencils are right for you!

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