Promotional Mugs are the equivalent of Liverpool FC. Although their position in the top 10 of most popular promotional products fluctuates, you know they are always going to be in there somewhere! There are some recent stats from a BPMA survey (British Promotional Merchandise Association) which also back up the power of branded mugs as a fantastic promotional option. Firstly, promotional mugs came in as the fourth most wanted promotional item from a client survey (behind only USB sticks, pens and electrical items). 36% of respondent mentioned a branded mug and when you compare unit costs, particularly against USBs and electrical items – branded mugs are a much more affordable item. When it comes to longevity, promotional mugs blow the competition out of the water. Branded mugs were named as the number one item kept for the longest time (multiple years). It is this longevity which also made the branded mug the most cost effective promotional item. Interestingly, when mathematically broken down the cost per impression for a promotional mug is £0.001 (for reference an advertising hoarding was measured at £0.003). The range of branded mugs we have available is quite staggering from thermal travel mugs, to bone china mugs, earthenware mugs, to recycled plastic mugs. We have branded mugs you can write on with chalk, to promotional mugs you can put in the freezer and even mugs which are coated with an anti-bug treatment to avoid the spread of germs! As with most items, we have a range of sizes, shapes and colours with some items available with full colour process so you can let design department go to town with your branded mug!

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