Try and think back and remember what the first ever promotional product was you were given. There is a good chance that the answer is either a pen or a branded mousemat! Promotional mousemats have always been one of our best selling items and are clients are still continuing to look for the latest mousemat innovation that they can take to their clients. There is no doubt that branded mousemats have dramatically evolved over the last 20 years, but then that is only natural as the mouse itself has drastically changed. Go back 20 years and your standard mouse had two buttons, was a bit oddly shaped, worked with a rollerball (which always collected dirt and dust, later depositing it on your branded mousemat) and was connected to your PC with a wire. Fast forward to today and we now have the ergonomic, wireless mouse where the whole thing is a button, with click wheel and is operated with an infra sensor. Naturally promotional mousemats have needed to adapt to this change, which they have, and there may be more options available than you realise. Today the range of branded mousemats includes those which double up as desk pads, ultra thin branded mousemats, ones with built in wrist rests, antibug branded mousemats and aquamats with patterns that change as you move the mouse over it. One thing that has not changed is the on-desk visibility of promotional mousemats. There are very few branded office items today that have the same visibility as a stylish branded mousemat, which is why it is going to be around for many years to come!

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