Promotional keyrings are one of the most useful promotional items that you can receive because good ones (or quirky branded keyrings) are kept for a very long time and used on a daily basis. Most people actually carry more than one branded keyring around with them at any one time. When you need to carry your car keys, house keys, office keys and luggage keys around with you, one promotional keyring is just not enough. So how do you know what type of branded keyring to go for? Well they key is to consider the target audience – are they middle aged and conservative, are they young or modern, are they shy and reserved or are they out and about active types? The type of promotional keyrings that are going to be best suited to your campaign are going to be dictated by the recipients. You need to be sure of that before you start – because the number of branded keyrings available is quite overwhelming. Firstly you need to consider what you want your branded keyring to be made of – silver, brushed metal, leather, PVC, plastic, rubber...the list of materials you can find promotional keyrings in is pretty much endless. So if you know what material you want it in – now what shape do you want it in? The shape may well dictate the material you choose so you should consider these two features in tandem. For example, PVC branded keyrings can be manufactured in basically any shape you desire – whereas a silver or metal branded keyring may be more restrictive. Do you want your promotional keyring to have a dual functionality? Trolley shopper branded keyrings have been immensely popular over the last 10 years and are one of our biggest selling items but you can also get bottle openers, torches, solar chargers, UV testers, tool kits, USB memory sticks. A branded keyring is no longer just a branded keyring. The actual keyring element of it could well be its secondary function! If you need assistance in helping you narrow down the type of promotional keyrings that would be right for you then please give us a call!

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