So what are promotional giveaways? Why are promotional giveaways different from any other category – such as promotional pens or promotional keyrings. Well to put it bluntly, branded giveaways include all of those lower cost promotional items which don’t naturally fit within another category! You will find a whole raft of branded giveaways within this section of the website and it will include all those promotional items that you are likely to be give at exhibitions, street sampling, mailing giveaways etc. Usually these items are priced in pennies rather than pounds and are high volume branded giveaways such as promotional badges, bookmarks, ice scrapers, zip buddies, reflectors, ribbons, door hangers, magnets and stickers. So when you are next staging an event or going to an exhibition and want to ensure that your brand gets in the hands of the delegates, visitors or attendees then give us a ring to brainstorm the type of affordable promotional giveways you could potentially distribute. There are literally hundreds of these branded giveaway items so please give us a call (or use our brainstorm assistant), tell us who your target audience is and what your core message is and we will make some suggestions over which promotional giveaway could be right for you!

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