Question. What is the one promotional item you use on a daily basis where you are in danger of being “told off” if you don’t use it? is of course the promotional coaster. Branded coasters have been protecting our desks in the office and our tables and coffee tables in the house for generations. Have you ever tried to get rid of a heat or water ring-mark after making that fateful error of not using branded coasters? Not an easy job – which is why promotional coasters are usually so well received as corporate gifts. In terms of types, styles and prices there really is branded coasters for every type of campaign and budget with prices range from 20p to £4! So the key thing is to work out your campaign, your audience and your budget and then get us to recommend the right promotional coasters to fit your requirements. So why the great price difference – surely a promotional coaster is a promotional coaster...right? Wrong! Branded coasters come in all shapes and sizes and, most importantly, a variety of materials. At the more budget end of the promotional coaster market you can get them made out of PVC welded stiffened board, foam based branded coasters, cork, plastic or, for the environmentally conscious, recycled leather or recycled from old tyres (although unsurprisingly only available in one colour print on black). In the mid market range of branded coasters we have soft PVC coasters (which you can start to get more creative with shapes), melamine, metal, wood and slate. Then at the premium end with have our more unusual promotional coaster such as liquid filled coasters and the “roller coaster logo toy” which is a branded coaster, paperweight and puzzle – a gift for that person who does truly have everything!

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