Air Fresheners

Promotional air fresheners may not instantly spring to mind when you are brainstorming ideas for a promotional campaign - but there are quite a few instances when a branded air freshener could actually fit the bill nicely. They are a great promotional product because branded air fresheners can be die-cut to virtually any bespoke shape or size, although we do obviously offer a more economical range of standard shaped promotional air fresheners. Secondly, they offer great branding opportunities with full colour process available. Thirdly, the promotional air freshener is a very cost effect promotion – we are talking pennies rather than pounds per unit to produce and they are also very light and thin to make postal campaigns much more affordable. So when would be a good time to use a branded air freshener. Well, when you actually sit down and think about it there are many target demographics and uses that could be perfect. Taxi drivers and truck drivers are clearly a good target market. Rarely will you get into a taxi who doesn’t have a promotional air freshener on display (after all they can’t control the smell of the people they pick up). General motorists are another good target market – particularly dog owners. Nothing seems to linger for as long in the car as the smell of a damp dog. The caravanning and camping market is another good area to target with promotional air fresheners - in fact anywhere where you have lots of people in a confined space. You will be amazed the amount of festival-goers who will have branded air fresheners hanging from the ceiling of their tents (remember they do have to sleep in close proximity to yesterday’s smelly socks). Students are another target market who spring to mind when thinking of branded air fresheners – I don’t think we need to say any more! So if you are looking for a cost effective and high impact campaign you could do a lot worse than promotional air fresheners!

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