USB Gadgets

Going back 10-20 years if you asked someone what promotional USB gadgets were they would have looked at you as if you had lost your marbles. The Universal Serial Bus, although was developed in the mid 1990’s, only became widely used at the turn of the century, and to start with branded USB gadgets didn’t get much more exciting than a pre-wireless USB mouse. Slowly and surely more uses for the USB port became realised, fuelled by wireless technology and the development of USB memory sticks with their huge memory capacity. Today one of our most popular promotional USB gadgets is a hub which splits a USB port so you can have multiple USB devices running from one USB port. These highly useful branded USB gadgets come in a range of wacky shapes and sizes such as a flower, a person running and even a turtle. The world has gone promotional USB gadget mad! What the USB hub has done is encourage a boom in the development of other promotional USB gadgets. If you would like a mini desk fan? Easy – just plug one in your USB port. Fancy a little mug sized plate to keep your cup of coffee warm on your desk – plug one into your USB port. Fancy calling someone across the other side of the world for absolutely free – plug your Skype phone into your USB port. Do you want any electrical memo pad on your desk....well now you can – you guessed it, via your USB port! Today chargers, desktop speakers, table lights, and docking stations are all promotional USB gadgets that have been ingrained into daily life. Looking forward, over the next 5 years, there is no doubt that one of the most active areas for product innovation is going to be branded USB gadgets – so make sure you keep checking back to make sure you have your finger on the technological pulse!

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