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When you think back over the last 30 years and ponder over how daily life has changed, there is one area which has had more impact on the way we live our lives than any other – branded gadgets. It doesn’t seem like a couple of years since I was selecting which 10 CDs to take with me on holiday (pre iPod), or which books to pack for that trip abroad (pre Kindle), or sitting on a train and listening to someone’s else awful taste of music blaring out of their sound leaking earphones. However year on year, technology is evolving fast and the world of promotional gadgets is evolving even faster. Not only is their range or promotional gadgets that you can brand up in your own company’s identity but there is also the additional range of branded gadget accessories. If you take a browse through this promotional gadgets section of the website you will come across a wide range of weird and wacky technology – which you know is always going to be well received. Branded gadgets in the section include branded earphones, promotional speakers, USB SD Card Readers, USB Hubs, torches, watches, and radios. We also stock a range of multi function chargers for those of us whose life is run by a multitude of promotional gadgets, and regularly frustrated by the “battery low” message! There is also a range of specific USB based branded gadgets that plug into your computer including fans, mug warmers, lights, internet phones and obviously the classic wireless mouse! Let’s not forget the branded gadgets accessories such as iPad cases, phone stands, neoprene sleeves, bags, cases and smart gloves! Our range of promotional gadgets range from accessories at a few pence each, to main items, such as multi-functional docking stations, which will set you back in excess of £50. We have something for all budgets, target audiences and campaigns so whether you are targeting teenagers, the busy commuter, the office worker or the seasoned traveller we will have branded gadgets to fit your brief.

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