Winter Headwear

Whereas summer headwear gets a very short window of opportunity within the UK, promotional winter headwear, in stark contrast, gets plenty of use – most of the year in fact! Has anything ever been as mis-labelled as global warming? I am sure in some parts of the world temperatures have risen, but from where we are sitting winters are colder, flash flooding is an annual occurrence and wind speeds have increased . All of this means that branded winter headwear is in more demand than ever, so could prove to be a great promotional tool for your business. So isn’t promotional winter headwear just woolly hats and beanies? Well, although undoubtedly these make up the lion’s share of our range of branded winter headwear, the variety of styles and options actually makes this a much bigger category then first expected. In addition you also get fleece lined products such as the winter bucket hat which enable even the anti-woolly hat brigade to keep their head warm during a cold winter snap! So when choosing your promotional winter headwear you have a number of decisions to make. The starting point is having an understanding of who your target market is. Are you targeting kids, youths, teenagers, adults, the elderly or a particular demographic such as outside tradesmen – as this will greatly affect the type of promotional winter headwear you will choose. So based on the target market, are they likely to want a plain beanie, fleece beanie, woolly hat with bobble and tassles, plain woolly hat, peaked beanie...and his is even before you have considered whether a matching scarf (and potentially gloves) may be required. If you would like assistance in selecting the right branded winter headwear for you specific campaign and discuss personalisation options available such as embroidery then please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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