Branded T-shirts surround us everywhere we go. It is rare these days to see a plain t-shirt without at least a logo or message emblazoned across the front or back of it. What’s more is that branded t-shirts are more popular than ever before. Promotional T-shirts are great items for making a visual impact – particularly at events with large crowds. A swathe of colour can really help highlight a brand or a specific message. Think of the last time you saw a running event, such as a marathon, and noticed how frequently you saw the same charity branded t-shirt in yellow, pink or bright green running past you. The same can be said of bands promoting singles or albums at music festivals or free branded t-shirts being given away at sporting occasions. The beauty of promotional t-shirts is that they can be used in a variety of ways – either as public promotions, collectibles, promotional staff wear or corporate uniforms. A lot of hospitality style businesses have started to introduce branded t-shirts as part of their corporate look as it is less formal, instantly recognisable and is also easier to personalise! Another benefit, of course, is that a promotional t-shirt is a lot more cost effective than the more traditional branded attire. When it comes to promotional t-shirts there are a variety of styling options to choose from, which is really dependant on how the promotional t-shirt is to be used. We have heavy weight t-shirts, slim-fit, ladies-fit , long sleeve, cool-fit, and your traditional branded t-shirt in a wide variety of colours! When it comes to branding them you can opt for a simple logo on the chest, full graphic on the front, or a personalised message or graphic on the back! Just give us a ring at Stay Sourced and we will talk you through all the promotional t-shirt options.

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