Summer Headwear

OK, so Blighty may not get the highest amount of sunlight in the world, but when the weather does turn and we experience a (very) mini heat wave, many of us get caught out! If we are not quickly reaching for promotional summer headwear to protect our very sensitive scalps we often end up looking like weird beetroot effigies. So although the product may not get high usage levels all year round, when branded summer headwear does get used, it is a godsend! Now, without doubt, the most popular promotional summer headwear product is the baseball cap. This is a tried and tested method of keeping the sun off of your face, and to great effect. In fact, the baseball cap has become such a popular icon of branded summer headwear, it is now something which is regularly worn all year round. Other branded summer headwear products include sun visors, and although more popular in sunnier climates than the UK, the branded visor certainly has a certain style about and has become quite a fashion statement amongst a certain demographic. Another branded summer headwear product that has become popular on other shores, but is starting to filter across to the UK is the bandana. Although the bandana does not provide shade, it does diffuse the glare of sunshine on your napper. However in the UK the most popular promotional summer headwear item, outside of the ever faithful baseball cap, is undoubtedly the bucket hat. Originally the headwear of summer sports such as cricket, bucket hats were made popular as a fashion item in the late eighties and early nineties when popular music icons such as the Stone Roses and others from the Manchester music scene adorned them on-stage. Still one of the most popular clothing items at music festivals (obviously wellies apart), the bucket hat is now one of Britain’s most popular promotional summer headwear products.

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