Promotional shirts have long been used within certain industries, particularly in the form of staff uniforms. A nicely embroidered branded shirt can often provide the perfect professional image required. What’s more, with a clear growing trend of businesses moving down the more casual route of polo shirts and even t-shirts, smart promotional shirts are making an even bigger impact than ever before. Things to consider when choosing your branded shirts include how they are to be worn. Firstly, is the final look going to be in conjunction with a branded or plain tie, or is an open collar look going to be more appropriate. In addition is a jacket and/or a branded name badge going to be worn in conjunction with the promotional shirt (as this will affect where is the best place to embroider it). Do you want to take the personalisation to another level and actually have the individual’s name as well as the company logo embroidered on the shirt? Then you have all of the styling preferences with promotional shirts as you would have buying a shirt normally. These decisions include whether you would like your branded shirts to have a breast pocket, button down collar or wing collar, short sleeve or long sleeve, do you want a straight bottom finish or a curved seat, single cuff or double cuff, and of course you have a multitude of colour way options (although a nice crisp white shirt or light blue are still the most popular colours). We also offer a range of ladies fit promotional shirts and have a variety of price points to reflect the varying qualities of materials, from 100% cotton to a polyester split and easy-iron products. If you have very strict brand guidelines please share these with us and we can create a branded visual of options of your branded shirts so you can be sure you are happy with the look before we enter full production.

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