When considering a promotional campaign, probably not top of everyone’s list are branded scarves. However they should not be overlooked as promotional scarves offer good branding opportunities for a company to get their message out there. When you think of branded scarves one of the first things you associate them with is football crowds. There is not one semi-professional club in the world that is not generating some income from their loyal fan base from selling promotional scarves in the colours of their favourite team and emblazoned in their club crest. Some of the bigger clubs even introduce special limited edition promotional scarves to promote a specific match or occasion. In recent years, certainly in the UK, supporters have taken to wearing alternative coloured promotional scarves to protest at the board. When several thousand fans are wearing alternative coloured branded scarves instead of their club colours it can make quite an impact. Branded scarves are not however limited to football or sport – many music artists may release promotional scarves to commemorate a specific concert, and they are also the ideal promotional item if you are targeting a demographic of person who is working outside during the winter months. Imagine the affection they will hold for your brand when they snuggle into the warm comfort of your promotional scarf. Promotional scarves are not however limited to the woolly variety as silk branded scarves are also very popular - particularly amongst the businesses who want to convey a professional image with their corporate uniform. Hospitality and travel businesses have been using branded scarves for many years to exude such a professional image. Obviously there is a wide selection of different promotional scarves to choose from, so if you need someone to guide you through the colours, cloths and styles please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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