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Promotional polo shirts have really come to prominence in the recent years (both printed and embroidered) as businesses are turning to branded polo shirts as a more casual, whilst still smart, alternative to formal branded uniforms. There has been a massive uplift in the use of promotional polo shirts amongst some very specific sectors. Certainly the hospitality trade such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and the lower priced hotel chains have cottoned on (excuse the pun) to the fact that branded polo shirts are comfortable for their staff to wear whilst working, and easier to wash and to make presentable again and again. You will also see other sectors including retail, leisure, fitness and certainly more physical trades such as builders, plumbers, electricians, joiners and removal men leaning towards the smart comfort of branded polo shirts. Promotional polo shirts are also still popular as part of branded campaigns as free gifts, because if you can get your clients to wear a branded polo shirt in their leisure time, you are in affect adding a walking billboard to your company! We have a wide range of different types, styles, colours and cuts of promotional polo shirts including ladies fit, kids fit, cool fit, two tone designs and different material content for different budgets – from 100% cotton to a 50/50 split with polyester. Stay Sourced offer wide range of different branded polo shirts so feel free to drop us a line and we recommend a design and style which best fits with your campaign and budget!

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