One thing you can be certain of this year, is that at some point you will want to wear an outer garment that will protect you against the great British elements – wind, rain, snow and hail! OK, so we don’t get the extremes that some parts of the world do – but we probably get a much higher frequency of this depressing weather, which is why promotional jackets are always well received. At Stay Sourced we have a brilliant range of branded jackets, covering a multitude of styles and uses which appeal to a very wide and diverse target market. Firstly we have the entry level promotional jackets, which are a step up from the festival goer’s best friend, the poncho. Our entry level branded jackets are shower-proof, compact, foldable jackets often referred to as pack-a-macs, Kagools or windcheaters. These are also very popular amongst festival crowd as the offer warmth as well as repelling the British Summer weather, whilst also being breathable (avoiding that Uncle Ben’s “boil in a bag” feeling). We then have a range of branded jackets that are more centred around fashionable style – such as the Parka style jackets, and much thicker promotional jackets including puffer jackets. We also have fleece lined jackets, soft shell jackets and ladies style branded jackets. So if you are targeting a demographic group such as outdoor sports (hiking, cycling, sailing, skiing, golf etc) or outside audiences such as festival crowds, groups such as dog walkers or even for your own promotional staff who are outside pounding the pavement on a regular basis, then we have a promotional jacket for all occasions.

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