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Promotional high viz jackets have been a strong growth area in the world of promotional clothing, dovetailing perfectly with the rise in acceptance of how important health & safety is in the workplace. What’s more, because branded high viz jackets are, well, so highly visible, you are sure that your brand will get seen (and often in lights). I would wager a bet that you would struggle to go through a day without seeing a promotional high viz jacket. They are so commonly worn today that if you actually counted how many you saw in 24 hours you would probably run out of fingers. So why are branded high viz jackets so popular? Well, firstly there is the safety aspect. All businesses have a duty of care to their employees and if their workers are regularly working outside or in poorly lit areas, then it is essential that they are visible to other people and vehicles to avoid any nasty accidents. Secondly promotional high viz jackets also offer a form of protection from the elements. Although you can get very basic branded high viz jackets that are more like vests or bibs, you can also get waterproof rain jackets, promotional high viz jackets with a fleece lining for those chilly (yet dry) winter’s days, as well as the equivalent of a full winter coat! So why would anyone invest in promotional high viz jackets? Well the first most obvious reason is as corporate clothing for you workforce closely followed by if you are targeting businesses or individuals who are wearing branded high viz clothing on a regular basis. Sectors may well include construction, trades, maintenance companies, warehouses, emergency services, council workers, traffic wardens, utility companies, tree surgeons.....the list goes on an on!

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