The world of promotional caps has seen a long and industrious history with branded caps reinventing themselves more times than Madonna. If you walk down any street today you are bound to see a plethora of branded caps being worn proudly – for some wearing their branded cap has become as habitual as eating breakfast! So what do we mean when we say branded caps have continually reinvented themselves? Well initially they were always referred to as branded baseball caps. They were an item which was intrinsically linked to this popular American pastime – we assume to offer protection against the sun when trying to pick out the ball against the American skyline. Similarly with cricket over here, teams have taken to wearing branded caps emblazoned with their clubs crest on the front. And you rarely see a Formula One driver stand on the winner’s podium without his trademark Pirelli branded cap being worn (obviously to cover up their rather embarrassing helmet hair). This origin in sporting roots has obviously filtered through to supporters, across many different sports, in allowing them to publicly display their sporting allegiance with promotional caps. However, TV, Film and Music has also played a crucial role in the evolution of the branded cap, from howling mad Murdock in the A-team, to the Beastie Boys and a Hip Hop generation. So irrespective of whether you are targeting the youth market, sporting fans or keen golfers, our range of promotional caps are a great way to get your brand seen out and about with a stylish design. Our range of branded caps included heavy cotton to recycled earth friendly fabric.

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