Nothing quite feels like the warm snug comfort of pulling on a branded beanie during those cold winter months. Promotional beanies almost become part of our persona between November to March as we hardly set foot outside our home or office without pulling one on. In fact the only people under the age of 50 who don’t really wear branded beanies are those from vanity central who are worried about messing up their hair. When you step into the wonderful world of promotional beanies there are probably a lot more different option to consider than you originally thought. Firstly, are you after a single colour beanie which will reflect you corporate colours, or perhaps a striped or patterned branded beanie may work better for you? Is your campaign specifically targeted at children as we have a range of branded beanies specifically designed for children. Would you like a peaked branded beanie – this is sort of a cross between between a promotional beanie and a baseball cap. Do you want your promotional beanies to be fleece lined or would you like them to look more like a traditional woolly hat with tassels and a bobble. If you want to go the whole hog we can create you a complete bespoke promotional beanie with additional features such as ears if it fits in with your messaging? Branded beanies are a great promotional item because, whether printed or embroidered on the front or back, your logo is always going to be at a good eye level of sight (unless Peter Crouch is wearing it). If you would like some advice on the different options of promotional beanies available please give us a call.

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