Branded aprons may not rank highly on the list of most used promotional items, but it certainly contains the longevity of a well used and novel promotional item. The promotional apron is a great item for that free gift that may fit with your current promotion? Full length, short or specialised branded bar aprons with those handy little pockets at the front, the choice of colours and print options is staggering! The beauty of promotional aprons is that they can be used in a variety of ways; a corporate uniform or a freebie to coincide with your current promotion. Many hospitality businesses use a corporate branded apron as part of their uniform which ensures staff are instantly recognisable and give a consistent feel to any business. Plus, your brand would be consistently visible to everyone the staff member came into contact with! In addition, promotional aprons often work well with FMCG brands who want a consistent branded presence around the home, and other sectors have started to get in on the act, as a novel way to get their message visually seen on a daily basis. Certainly tourist attractions have long been utilising branded aprons as a gift item and, reports have it, bands are starting to sell them alongside their usual gig merchandise of t-shirts (perhaps for an older generation of fans). We even have a range of branded aprons that are specifically designed for what has become the Great British pastime of the summer – BBQing. These very masculine promotional aprons come complete with integrated tongs! To learn more about our available range of promotional aprons and how they can work for you, give Stay Sourced a call today and we will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have!

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