Promotional stationery has been around since the dawn of time. Anyone who has ever been in business has required stationery. So, as a business owner, and in recent years even homeowners (since the vast majority will have a computer desk somewhere at home), a decision needs to be made as to whether you are going to spend a lot of money on purchasing stationery direct from retailers (which can soon add up) or you can be more frugal and gradually collect a range of branded stationery. This explains why promotional stationery is so popular – rarely will it be thrown away. Even if the latest branded stationery is not used instantly – it will be put in the storage cupboard until it is needed and then will get pride of place on the office desk – usually for a few months. When we think of on-desk branded stationery the types of items that come to mind are notepads, deskpads, memo-blocks, Post It notes, staplers, paper clips, highlighters, desk tidy, scissors, Sellotape, correction fluid, index tabs, wallets and folders. However, it isn’t just in the office and at home, there is also the “go-to-school” market who then spark off demand for a different range of branded stationery items such as coloured pencils, felt tips, rulers, pencil sharpeners, compass, set squares and off course the ultimate go-to-school promotional stationery item – the pencil case (plastic, fabric, metal, translucent, recycled)! The branded stationery sector is probably the widest category within our catalogue of items as there is such a plethora of products available. The key is to try and put yourself in the mind of your target audience and their job or role – what promotional stationery items are they going to use most often? Because the more they use, the more they are going to see your brand, and the more grateful they are going to be to receive it.

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