Pen Pots

One of the most useful items you will find on a busy desk are promotional pen pots – particularly if you work in an office with a clear desk policy! Alternatively branded pen pots are the perfect promotion for office workers with work-based OCD. Seriously,we know a number of people who are so anal over where every bit of stationery is located on their desk – a promotional pen pot would be the answer to their prayers. However, it is not just in the office where branded pen pots come in useful, computer desks in the home, sideboards next to the phone or teenagers bedrooms can often be spotted with promotional pen pots on permanent standby for that “need a pen in a hurry” moment. Promotional pen pots come in many different shapes and sizes for all sorts of budgets. At the cheaper end of the scale there are those products which arrive flat-packed for self-assembly (the Ikea of branded pen pots). These are often made from plastic and card and are cost effective for mailing campaigns – with full colour branding available. You then have your mid range promotional pen pots of varying shapes and sizes – usually made from plastic with one colour branding options. Then you move on to the daddy of all branded pen pots – those with an integrated digital clock. You can get branded pen pots in a variety of colours from solid vibrant colours, to modern translucent colours and also perfectly transparent (so you easily find that stumpy pencil). As with most of Stay Sourced’s products we also have the facility to create bespoke shapes and sizes if you have a specific them or message to your campaign!

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