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However, although as standalone products, some of the branded desk items aren’t very wide in their range, when you put them all together “promotional desk items” is quite a large range of diverse products When targeting a business to business individual, branded desk items are very popular products because many office workers spend around 8 hours a day (or a third of their life...scary eh?) tied to their desk. Therefore if you can get a useful branded item located on this prime promotional real estate then you are on to a winner! So what else, not covered elsewhere, is located in this section, I hear you ask? Well firstly, we have those products that add to your office efficiency such as desk tidies, wire managers and paper trays. Then we have the useful type of branded desk items that you always wondered what you did without, such as giant branded clips, index highlighters, screen and keyboard cleaners, letter openers and memo cubes. Then you also get the type of promotional desk items that just make you smile....like a desktop garden, solar powered flower or festive snow globes! Another product, which does perhaps warrant its own category, is the colourful world of memo blocks. Not only, as promotional desk items, are these products very handy, but the ability to print four colour all the way down the side of a memo blocks can make them a visual centrepiece to any desk in the office or home.

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