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Rewind 20 years and the only people who had mobile phones were high flying businessmen or “Yuppies” as they were affectionately labelled. Back in those days branded mobile phone holders didn’t exist – unless you counted a car! To be honest phones weren’t very mobile as they were the size of a breezeblock. However as technology has advanced and the social uptake of mobile phones has increased (almost to saturation), handset sizes have gradually shrunk to miniscule sizes. However with Smart phones now being the most popular phones on the market, and internet access and apps deemed to be more important than the actual phone, screen sizes are now on the increase again and the demand for branded mobile phone holders has rocketed in recent years. Promotional mobile phone holders serve a number of different functions depending on the type and style you go for. If you are looking for a branded mobile phone holder that protects the all important touch screen then you will need something like a leather case for your phone, or a cheaper alternative such as a mobile phone sockie (one definitely for the youth market). If your promotional mobile phone holder is designed to be placed on your desk as a place to rest your phone with its screen visible at all times then we would suggest something like a G-Dock or similar – which can be made from recycled card, plastic or metal. More unusual alternatives for this type of promotional mobile phone holder is a mini bean bag! If, on the other hand, you are looking for something a little more flexible from your promotional mobile phone holders then you should look at something like the Freddie mobile stand. This type of gadget accessory can be sculptured to hold your mobile phone in a number of positions so it is suitable for the office, in the car or at home. As usage and dependency on mobile phones increases on a daily basis, so does the range of branded mobile phone holders on the market. So if you want to know the latest models that are available, in terms of promotional phone holders, then please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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