Desk Pads

Branded desk pads are a common sight in people’s offices and homes all over the world. And what better brand to have on show than yours! Now where did I put that phone number? What time was that meeting? Who was it I spoke to last week? What was the name of that company? Little bits of information are always jotted down and wouldn’t it be helpful if they were all jotted down in one place.....introducing the branded deskpad! Promotional desk pads are constantly there for us to look at, along with your company name, brand and message! Branded desk pads are the one-stop place for all those little memos! As with most items, we have a range of sizes, shapes and colours with some promotional desk pads available with full colour process so you can let your design department go to town with your brand design! What’s more is that most promotional desk pads have a very large branding area to ensure your message is clearly visible at all times. No longer is there a common branded desk pad option, big or small, colourful or black and white, square or shaped, you choose your promotional space and design to suit you. The oldies are sometimes the best, so why not use the tried and tested promotional desk pad as the perfect tool to promote your company. Phone the promotional brand experts, Stay Sourced, for their wealth of experience and they’ll happily suggest the best promotional desk pads for you to get your brand seen!

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