At Stay Sourced we think probably every desk in the country has the potential to home a branded calculator. Ok, so we learn basic maths at school, but we are also taught how to use a calculator – so on one hand we are encouraged to you use our noggins and then in the second breath we are told to use the tools technology has given us? Is it any wonder that we have grown up as a nation with poor mental arithmetic skills. It is for this reason that we think promotional calculators are great promotional items. Obviously the frequency with which you reach for your branded calculators will depend greatly on the nature of your job, but when you are having a bad day even the most simple calculation can cause a major mind block – which is where promotional calculators come in very handy. The range of promotional calculators on the market has increased dramatically and we evolved from simple, handy sized pocket solar powered branded calculators to oversized easy tap buttons and even water powered and kinetic powered branded calculators (the wonders of modern technology). Other quirky product developments in promotional calculators include – flip style calculators (inspired no doubt by the clam shell phones), tablet style branded calculators (the size of an iPad), ruler style branded calculators, and translucent calculators. There is a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and button styles and we even offer branded calculators with four colour process printing (for maximum impact) as well as a solar powered promotional calculator made from natural bamboo (which is a bit different). So if you need someone to guide you through the options available for your branded calculator, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

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