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Promotional toys and games, on the face of it, have a very clear target market, or so it seems. However when you delve deeper into what is included within branded toys and games you realise that isn’t just a category for the kids. Firstly there are many big kids among us who still fondly look back with a wave of nostalgia on branded toys & games such as Yo-Yos, teddy bears, juggling balls, rubber ducks, Rubic’s Cubes and Space Hoppers. There are many fully grown adults who would respond well to such a fun, feel-good promotion. However, when you start considering that branded toys and games includes areas such playing cards, chess sets and brain teasers then you start to appreciate that a cleverly conceived promotional toys and games campaign could have much wider audience than first considered. Within branded toys and games there is also the subsector of outside toys and games such as beach football sets, beach tennis sets, frisbees, boomerangs and bowling sets. The level of personalisation you go into with the promotional toys & games sector is quite phenomenal. You can actually personalise an entire card game or board game to suit your own business or brand. So how about a promotional range of top trumps cards featuring all of your own staff, or how about a Monopoly Board centred entirely around the brands within your business. There is no doubt that the branded toys & games market is starting to develop as one of the most interesting sectors. If you want to find out which types of branded toys and games offer this level of personalisation then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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