Photo Frames

Promotional photo frames have always proved to be a diamond of a promotional product for one very simple fact! No one would have a branded photo frame on their desk at work or in their house unless it was something they wanted to look at regularly. So in simple terms, every time that they look at a photo of a loved one – they also see your company logo...result. Obviously branded photo frames have come a long way over the last few years in terms of style, material and designs. However, one thing you can be sure of is that we can find the right promotional photo frames for your campaign or budget – whether being used a thank-you style corporate gift or a voucher reward scheme. We offer a wide range of promotional photo frames from engraved metal frames to printed glass frames, curved frames, plastic frames, UPVC frames to recycled bamboo branded photo frames. And let’s not forget that boom growth sector of the branded photo frames market – digital photo frames. Yes, you no longer have to limit yourself to one image per frame – you can have a whole slide show on constant play! If you are handing out your branded photo frames as a corporate gift there are also opportunities to create some bespoke deluxe packaging to give your promotional photo that exquisite finishing touch. If you would like to discuss the various options that available in terms of promotional photo frames then please give us a ring!

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