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Promotional travel items are one of those sectors that has functionality at its very core, yet the size and scope of the range of products which falls within the branded travel items category is much bigger than it first appeared. When you think of promotional travel items you instantly think of frequent travellers – either businessmen jetting around the world or holidaymakers. A certain range of our branded travel items are definitely targeted towards this market, covering items such as travel kits, toilet bags, passport wallets, sun cream, inflatable pillows, DTS Socks, ear plugs handheld fans, travel adapters, utility pouches, suit carriers and luggage tags. However, travel also covers domestic travel and commuting, whether on a train, bus, car, bike or on foot. This opens up a much wider range promotional travel items such as travel mugs for that commuting coffee on the move, Oyster card wallets, water bottles, chargers, pop-up cups, travel wallets, personal alarms and branded car sun shades. So if you are targeting commuters, business travellers or holidaymakers with a specific campaign, please browse through our range of promotional travel items. We have access to thousands of different branded travel items so if you can’t see what you are after here please give us a call and we will find the product for your campaign.

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