Household Items

The house and home is one of the most powerful places to get your brand positioned. Why? Because once you have promotional household items in prime position within your target market’s own four walls – you are subliminally brainwashing your target market on a daily basis. Heavy users of branded household items tend to be consumer facing brands such as FMCG brands such as food and drink companies, household products such as electrical and white goods, financial services, insurance companies and online retailers and brands – such as Amazon and Ebay. What makes branded household items such a popular category is that there are so many rooms and opportunities within the home. In an office environment you are generally restricted to four walls and a desk. In a consumers home you have a multitude of promotional opportunities. The biggest challenge within the home is to mix style and substance. Make sure it is a promotional household item that is going to be useful, looks good and still has a good branding area to get your message across. One of the most popular branded household items is one of the smallest and least expensive. The promotional fridge magnet always gets plenty of use – whether sticking up messages, reminders, dates, shopping lists, photos or your children’s beautiful drawings. Other popular products include chopping boards, coasters and placemats. Although these are unlikely to be brought out for the dinner party, for everyday use they do the job. Mugs have often been cited as one of the most popular promotional household items and the variety of available styles and shapes is quite overwhelming. Staying in the kitchen, we still have branded household items such as kitchen gloves, aprons, toast racks, tea towels, egg cups and notice boards. When you consider that we haven’t even started thinking about the other 8 rooms in the house – promotional household items provide great potential.

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