Promotional wristbands is an area of merchandise which has boomed in recent years – fuelled by the promotion of charities by celebrities such as Coldplay and the “rather-off-the-wall” Lady Gaga! It has got to a point now where it is not unusual to visit a music festival and see people with 20+ promotional wristband going up their arm! However like most things that start off in a niche area, although still commonly used to promote an allegiance to a specific charitable cause, movement or campaign, branded wristbands have started to penetrate other areas of business. Retailers, restaurants and other venues have started to accept branded wristbands as an alternative “loyalty card” – which is quite a clever idea because the only time anyone sees a branded loyalty card is when they are in the shop it is promoting (a bit late then), whereas branded wristbands can make your customers brand ambassadors 24 hours a day! In addition to the more popularly recognised silicone promotional wristbands Stay Sourced also have a range of elastic branded wristbands and also fabric festival-style promotional wristbands. We even have multi functional branded wristbands such as USB wristbands and also UV tester wristbands – to ensure we know how to protect against the sun when we need it (obviously when we are abroad)!

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