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Branded name badges have been used within the field of events, such as exhibitions and conferences, for many years with great success. This has naturally expanded into the field of networking events where it is essential to facilitate the introduction of total strangers with some striking promotional name badges. In recent years, however, there has been a real wave in uptake in the wearing of promotional name badges in retail, hospitality and service environments. For example Banks have long been advocates of their staff wearing branded name badges so that customers knew the name of the person dealing with their financial affairs and this has now filtered across into other areas such as hotels, restaurants and retail staff. With some of the largest retailers in the UK switching their focus away from price wars and more on the quality of their personal service, customer communication has become pivotal to their whole strategy. However making the decision over using promotional name badges is one thing – deciding on the look and style is quite another. First of all do you want personalised branded name badges or reusable window-style badges which you personalise per event with a small card or paper insert. Next what sort of feel do you want your branded name badges to have? Would you like scratch resistant PVC or would you prefer the full colour options of acrylic, metal or plastic. Do you want printed or engraved name badges, and would you like the finish of an epoxy dome? There are so many options when it comes to branded name badges that you can be certain that we can find the right solution for you. We obviously only show a small selection of our entire range online so please give us a call if you can’t see the style of promotional name badge that you are looking for.

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