Logo Bugs

We have all experienced promotional logo bugs. We may not know them by name, but I guarantee if we showed you what a promotional logo bug looked like, you would recognise it instantly. Very simply, branded logo bugs are small, cute, furry little creatures with big goggly eyes and little feet that are attached to a strip of ribbon which can be personalised with your own message. The little promotional logo bugs seem to have been around for an eternity....and they are as still popular today as when I was knee high to a grasshopper. So what is it about promotional logo bugs that makes them so popular and has provided them with such longevity whilst other promotional items fade in and out of fashion? We think it is because they appeal to that inner child in all of us. We all get a warm fuzzy feeling when we think about a childhood Christmas and it is the same wave of nostalgia that sweeps across us when we see or receive branded logo bugs. They are certainly as popular with kids today as they were 25 years ago. Because the unit cost of these items are so low and that they come in a really wide range of colours and styles (adding a little hat to your logo bug can enhance the cute factor ten-fold), they are excellent promotional giveaways at events and promotional campaigns. What’s more, because the branded logo bug is so adored by the British public, you know your branded product is going to be kept in the family and will be stuck in a visible position for a long period – whether this is in the car, in the bedroom, in the office or in the kitchen. However, with branded logo bugs, the sting really is in the tail. Whatever promotional item (ok – apart from a banner-style pen) gives you such a print area to communicate a very specific message. In addition to the traditional promotional logo bug there are also mop-head versions as well.

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