Promotional lanyards are probably the unsung hero of most events – whether it is an exhibition, conference, seminar, festival or concert. What other promotional item gets issued to every single attendee at an event and then gets openly accepted and used? Promotional lanyards are virtually hung round the neck immediately of every delegate or visitor for the duration of the event as we go into “auto-pilot” as soon as we are given one. At these events you get so brainwashed into the corporate colours and branding on the promotional lanyard that when someone has gone “off-piste” and brought their own branded lanyard with them – they stand out like a sore thumb. Often my gut instinct is to report them to the appropriate authorities but I am not sure that “rogue” branded lanyards are a serious enough offence. However, branded lanyards aren’t just for events.... oh no! Branded lanyards are used by companies up and down the country from large corporates, to educational institutions, public sector buildings and global powerhouses. Wherever site security is an important issue, the branded lanyard will never be too far behind. What’s more it is a very subtle brand communication tool which all visitors to the building will be absorbing subconsciously and will be dreaming of your brand all night! So what are the options? Well you can get your promotional lanyards in nylon, polyester or recycled corn material. There are a variety of different fastenings on the end of different types of ID cards – including swivel hook options. Some branded lanyards are available in dye sublimation transfer so that you can print on them in full colour – maximising brand impact. You can also get flat style branded lanyards and a tubular style – depending on the look you are trying to achieve. And just one more thing – ladies love a promotional lanyard – as they can wear them without having to put a pin-hole through their clothes! Genius!

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