Branded balloons are a visually effective way to get a clear message or brand identity across to a target audience. Promotional balloons have a number of different applications which can all really depend on the campaign and objectives in question – which will naturally affect the type and style of promotional balloons you are looking at. The most commonly ordered branded balloon is the classic 12” latex balloons. These are the type of bright coloured branded balloon that we all grew up with. The type which adorned every seven year old’s birthday party up and down the country. We all remember them fondly and it is the nostalgic association with them which has made them one of the most popular promotional balloons on the market. These branded balloons are still popular for venue dressing at events, and with the addition of a tie and stick type holder they also become great giveaways for kids at restaurants and similar hospitality outlets. Alternatively how about sponsoring a balloon race? Who remembers these growing up? The other biggest seller in the promotional balloon marketplace is foil branded balloons. These are usually filled with helium and present great branding opportunities as they can be sold to kids or given away as a prize or treat. These are more flexible branded balloons in that there is greater scope with design and colours – which in turn can make a much great impact. Branded balloons have also penetrated the festival and stadium arena marketplace with the recent addition of the Samballoon. The innovative promotional balloon item combines a branded balloon with a maracas style shaker to give a carnival atmosphere to any event.

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