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Undoubtedly one of the boom areas in the huge world of promotional merchandise over the last 10 years has been promotional eco items. Murmurings of global warming and the Ozone layer, and warnings over the way we were living our lives and killing our own planet has lead us to re-evaluate our behaviours, both as individuals and as businesses. Rewind 10 years and how many of us separated out our rubbish into recyclable and general? Today the environment is at the forefront of everyone’s conscious, including marketing departments within major global brands who are now looking for more environmentally friendly branded eco items. There is no doubt that corporate responsibility amongst major businesses has driven the demand for branded eco items, however we believe it is the general public’s dwindling tolerance of wastage and throw away items that is fuelling the boom in promotional eco items. There are a number of ways in which branded eco items have become classed as “eco-friendly”. Firstly it could be that they are made from recycled or recyclable and biodegradable materials. Within our range we have promotional eco-items made from corn starch, tyres, CD cases, recycled leather or recycled cardboard or paper. Branded eco items also include those that come from sustainable sources, so we have a range of wooden products which are from sustainable forests or bags made from organic cotton. It could actually be that the product has been ingeniously designed to make it more eco-friendly than its predecessor, by negating the use of certain components. Promotional eco items that fall into this category include the staple-less stapler, water power calculator, kinetic torches, and solar powered chargers. We also offer range of promotional eco items which also help with the reduction in resource wastage – such as the eco-button which saves energy by switching your computers to standby when you are away from your desk. If you want to project an environmentally sensitive image, or if you know your target market are very eco aware then you are bound to find something amongst our range of promotional eco items that hits the mark. However we cannot show anywhere near our full range on here so if you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative for an existing product please give us a call and we will source one for you!

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