Eco Gadgets

Tired of sitting in darkness? Environmentally conscious? You’re in luck. You can kill two birds in one stone with our branded eco torches, part of our selection of eco gadgets. Our eco torches are palm sized branded gizmos that look sleek, and are always a great hit as promotional products due to their practical usefulness. No batteries are required for our kinetic torch, meaning minimum maintenance, and maximum opportunities for fending off the dark. Our eco products are made from recycled materials, to help your brand project a forward thinking, environmentally conscious image. Any promotional product that can be used in day to day life has a much higher impact and is more likely to be valued and retained, meaning your brand name gets maximum exposure. We also offer a best price guarantee on all of our products, and will happily match the price of any alternative retailer (although we’re confident you won’t find better value!)

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