Premium Gifts

The act of giving corporate gifts has long been a popular way in thanking clients and staff for their custom or service. However sometimes it is a very special client (who is of great value to the business) or a really special member of staff who’s length of service surpasses the norm or who has does something above and beyond the call of duty. On occasions like this, when you really want to say a special thank you then only promotional premium gifts would be suitable. In effect, this is that range of branded premium gifts that oozes class and style and you know will be kept and treasured. So what is actually within the promotional premium gift category? In truth it is a pretty wide range of products that centre around the material used at the heart of the product. You won’t find any paper or recycled plastic products with the promotional premium gifts section. Here the selection revolves around glass, crystalwear, metal and silver branded premium gifts in the main. Although there is the occasional printed promotional premium gift, the majority of branded premium gifts within this category will be engraved and be supplied with luxurious packaging. The type of products within the promotional premium gifts range include cufflinks and other jewellery, crystal wear such as wine glasses, tumblers, tankards and decanters, gift sets, hip flasks, and paperweights. For those special member’s of staff we also have a wide range of awards which are perfect for conference presentations.

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