Branded paperweights have long been recognised as one the most well received corporate gifts on the planet. Why? Well to start with, a promotional paperweight can look unbelievably stylish and usually has a much higher perceived value in the mind of the recipient than the actual cost of the product. This is probably because promotional paperweights are just so...well, weighty! Branded paperweight are the perfect office companion on any desk – particularly for those who work within a busy office environment and have multiple people rushing past their desk everyday leaving behind their slipstream of chaos. Promotional paperweights are also a godsend in the summer when the air conditioning is nowhere near cool enough to make working conditions bearable. At times like these we undoubtedly turn to the old classic plug-in desk top fan – and this is when your branded paperweight really comes into use! No more worrying about getting your report pagination back in order. Promotional paperweights, however ,are not always restricted to the function of merely holding down paper, oh no! You can get magnetic branded paperweights that double up as a paperclip holder and even the most traditional branded paperweights have been seen doubling up as a book- end of even a door-stop!

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