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One of the key tools that has driven business for as long there has been print has been the business card. The reason being is that, in one place, it allows you to list all your ever increasing contact details – phone, mobile, twitter name, facebook account, QR codes etc. If anything, the business card has become a much more important tool in driving new business than ever before. And for small businesses who rely heavily on word of mouth marketing and networking to generate sales – it is the single most important marketing communication tool. So as usage and demand in the business card has grown so has demand in the branded business card holders! Promotional business card holders are brilliant marketing tools as there is a dual benefit to them. Firstly, any recipient who receives a branded business card holder is going to be very grateful for such a considerate gesture. You never know when you are actually going to need a business card, and as useful as they are, they are quite annoying to carry around in a stash. So branded business card holders are actually very useful and allow you to carry a number of your business cards with you wherever you go – whether in a suit pocket or in a briefcase, laptop bag or handbag. Secondly, because most promotional business card holders are so eye-catching and stylish, when you are actually in a networking environment and remove your stylish branded business card holder from your pocket, it often gets noticed. More often than not it will be remarked upon and another pair of eyes are laid upon the logo of the generous donator of the gift. We have a wide range of beautiful branded business card holders include silver, leather, PU, brushed metal with a variety of different opening mechanisms from flip lids to pop ups and a variety of personalisation options from print to engraving. We even have some options which come with an accompanying pen so that you can scribble on the back of a card given to you a quick reminder of the context. There is a range of promotional business card holders to suit every budget so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can guide you through the plethora of options.

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