# How quickly can i expect to get a quote from Stay Sourced?

Quick. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround of quotations as we understand the time pressures our clients are under. Usually you will get a response within a couple of hours, however we aim to answer all quote requests within 24 hours. For bespoke products we aim to have accurate costings within 48 hours

# What is the likely lead time going to be for my product?

Our lead times vary on all of our products and are quoted as being from your approval of artwork proofs. Lead times may also vary depending on the time of year as seasonal items become popular and we are forced to allocate all of our orders on a first come-first served basis.

# How far afield do you deliver?

Anywhere. For some clients we have supplied products for global campaigns which have gone as far as Australia. Obviously the carriage costs reflect how far we have to deliver but there are no geographical restrictions to how far afield we will go.

# Can I see visuals of my products before I order?

Yes. We will always send a visual proof for your approval. It will show the location of your artwork, the dimensions and the colour based on your description of how you want it. We don’t proceed until you are happy to proceed.

# Can I see samples of products before I order?

We aim to ensure that all of the products in our online catalogue are described and photographed accurately. However we understand that for some products you want to touch and feel the product before committing to a large order. We can get product samples for you but you need to pay for these samples. If you would like one please click on the "order a sample" button. On bespoke jobs we always get a pre-production sample as a standard part of the process.

# What options do I have for personalising my products?

This will be completely dependent on the product selected. Personalisation options include print (1 colour to multiple colours), embossing, etching, engraving, embroidery. When we provide a quotation through to you we will always quote you on the personalisation options for that specific product.

# Can I get a quote online?

No. It is very difficult to work out an accurate best price quote automatically as each item has too many dependent factors such as volume, turnaround required, number of colours printed, number of positions printed, origination, carriage etc. Once you send your quote wishlist to us we will get back to you with accurate prices within 24 hours.

# How long is my quote valid for?

For the vast majority of products all quotes supplied are valid for 14 days. However some product prices fluctuate daily – such as USB sticks so we cannot fix the price on these items for any longer than that day.

# What are your payment terms?

Initially we do not offer a credit account, we work on a payment with order basis. However for regular clients we do open credit based accounts of up to 30 days.

# What is origination?

Very simply origination is the cost of setting up the printing process. It is a single fee that covers the transfer or your artwork and any other printing costs.

# Do you supply products not listed on your website?

Yes. Stay Sourced can add your brand to literally anything, including bespoke products manufactured just for you. The products listed on the website are purely our most popular sellers. For more ideas please give us a call or use our brainstorm assistant.

# Can you colour match?

We always make every effort to pantone match your artwork but due to variations in materials and printing processes used we cannot always guarantee a perfect colour match. However where we feel the colours may not be well replicated we will let you know and advise any changes that could be made. We are always very careful in this respect and it is why we have become regarded as our client’s promotional brand guardians.

# What is your minimum order quantity?

We do not have an ‘across the board’ minimum order quantity. Minimum order quantities are dependent on the production process used. For some high end products such as engraved glassware this may be as low 1, but for the majority of products you can expect a minimum order quantity of 100 upwards.

# What do you mean by vectored .eps?

This is the file format for artwork created in a vector-based program. Vectored describes the process of creating paths and points in a program such as freehand or illustrator. The program keeps track of the relationships between these points and paths so that when the image is scaled for different print areas or curved surfaces, the paths are regenerated. These are the best file types to use as they reproduce the most accurately.

# Do you have a corporate responsibility policy?

Stay Sourced defines corporate responsibility as action taken by the company which positively impacts on our customers, our shareholders, our people, our suppliers and the communities around our businesses, and which includes and goes beyond our legal or regulatory obligations. Examples of our commitment to corporate responsibility include:

- investing for the long term to bring out the best in our people;
- acting as a responsible shareholder;
- investing in our communities;
- engaging with customers;
- managing our environmental impacts;
- maintaining effective health and safety management systems.

Stay Sourced is committed to corporate responsibility in order to enhance the value of its business. The nature of each business as well as local cultures and needs determine which issues are most relevant in our markets in addition to minimum standards set by the Company. The joint Managing Directors are responsible for advising the company on corporate responsibility matters.

We are committed to reporting on our corporate responsibility policies and actions annually, which will enable others to judge our performance. In shaping our particular approach to corporate responsibility, we engage with business and non-business interest groups to ensure that we fully understand their expectations of us and to ensure that our policies and programmes address relevant issues.

Stay Sourced aims to set, maintain and promote high standards of corporate responsibility. As a leading supplier of corporate merchandise, we believe that a positive record as a conscientious employer, acting responsibly and with integrity, will enhance our reputation. As such, we believe it can contribute to our long-term financial success and to our primary objective of achieving shareholder value.

# Do you have a diversity policy?

Our Commitment At Stay Sourced we are committed to providing an inclusive working environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We recognise that people from different backgrounds, experiences and abilities can bring fresh ideas and innovations to improve our working practices and business.

We have a diverse customer base, one that expects to be served by people with whom they can identify, and our aim is to ensure that this expectation is met and maintained. Encouraging everyone who has contact with Stay Sourced to celebrate their own diversity and that of their colleagues is key to our values and critical to our business success.

In our continuing effort to ensure that diversity is embedded in our culture, reflected in our people and to better serve our customers we will endeavour to:

- fully utilise the talents of all Stay Sourced people;
- improve recruitment and retention from all people groups;
- ensure that employment decisions are based on business needs and the individual’s ability to do a job;
- enhance decision- making and innovation, by encouraging interaction and involvement;
- increase our ability to relate to existing and potential customers wherever they exist;
- build effective relationships in the wider community through partnerships with community based groups.

How does Stay Sourced demonstrate this commitment?

Stay Sourced will take the following steps to ensure that this policy is put into practice:

- the policy will be a priority in the business plan and corporate strategy;
- employees and their representatives and trade unions will be consulted regularly about the policy, and about related action plans and strategies;
managers and employees in key decision-making areas will be trained on the potentially discriminatory effects of imposing practices, conditions, and criteria on minority groups, and the importance of being able to justify decisions;
- complaints about discrimination or harassment will be regarded seriously and investigated which may result in disciplinary sanctions, and even dismissal;
- opportunities for employment, promotion, transfer and training will be advertised widely, internally and externally, and all applicants will be welcomed, irrespective of gender or marital/family status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or any other characteristic protected by national legislation;
- all employees will be encouraged to develop their skills and qualifications, and to take advantage of promotion and development opportunities within Stay Sourced;
- selection criteria will be exclusively related to the job or training opportunity;
- we will introduce measures to ensure that all contracts for goods, facilities or services include a clause prohibiting unlawful discrimination by contractors and their staff, and by any subcontractors and their staff;
- the effectiveness of the policy and strategy will be monitored at regular intervals.

Who takes responsibility to make sure this policy works?
All Employees

- All employees have a responsibility to ensure that this policy is put into practice. We expect a personal commitment from all employees in making it effective and in setting an exemplary standard for others to follow.
- Additional and specific responsibilities apply to those who manage staff and to those who are involved in recruitment, promotion, training and development.
- All individual employees have a responsibility to: understand the value and benefits of diversity; familiarise themselves with this policy, follow it, and ensure that any staff for whom they are responsible do so as well;
- draw to the attention of their line manager any instances of apparent discrimination or any perceived problem in relation to employment or to the provision of products and services; comply with, and promote Stay Sourced policy and procedures with regard to managing diversity

How do we monitor this policy to ensure that it is working?
- We will regularly collect, monitor and analyse information on the gender, age, ethnic and racial backgrounds, and disabilities of employees and applicants to assess the application and effectiveness of this policy, and highlight areas to be addressed. The information will be held in strictest confidence and will only be used to promote diversity and prevent unlawful discrimination.

Any patterns of under-representation (for example, where one gender or race appears to have a consistently reduced chance of promotion) will be fully investigated in conjunction with HR, and any discriminatory practices identified and eliminated.

We commit to undertaking a formal review of this policy at least once every year and to communicate changes to employees and their representatives and trade unions. Overall responsibility for this lies with the Stay Sourced Managing Directors.

# Do you have an environmental policy?

Stay Sourced are an organisation committed to respecting and protecting the environment at both local and global levels. We shall strive to continually improve our environmental performance, endeavour to prevent pollution, reduce emissions, waste, and the use of materials, energy and supplies.

We will provide sufficient resources to:

- Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, and where possible exceed these standards.
- Establish environmental objectives and targets based on this policy, and perform an annual review of these objectives.
- Raise awareness and encourage participation in environmental matters amongst employees both inside and outside of the work environment.
- Assist customers to use products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way.
- Reduce waste production by taking full advantage of all re-use and recycle opportunities.
- Reduce the consumption of energy and water by improving efficiency controls, introducing energy saving initiatives, and using renewables wherever possible.
- Minimise contamination of land, air and water particularly with regard to the volume, safe use and disposal of hazardous substances.
- Communicate our policy amongst all employees, suppliers and customers, and make it available to the general public.
- Encourage the adoption of similar principles by our suppliers.

# Do you have a H&S policy?

1. It is the policy of Stay Sourced to seek to provide safe and healthy working conditions, to encourage safe working methods and to enlist the active support of the Managing Director(s) employed in achieving these ends.

2. The Organisation will: -
a) Safeguard the health, safety and welfare of employees and those whose work is controlled by the organization.
b) Bring to the notice of all employees the safety policies of both the organization and the Client, and arrangements made for their health and safety at work.
c) Provide the necessary information, training and supervision for safe working practices and the need to work safely.
d) Have regard for health and safety of those not employed by the Organisation, but who may be affected by their operations.

3. The Directors are responsible for instigating, monitoring and reporting on safety arrangements.

4. Stay Sourced expects every employee to take reasonable care of the health and safety of him/her and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions; to co-operate with management in achieving safe working conditions and in complying with all relevant statutory provisions relating to health and safety at work.

5. It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others by:
a) Making themselves familiar with the contents of the Health and Safety Policy.
b) Wearing and using safety clothing and equipment provided.
c) Conforming to both verbal and written instructions concerning health and safety.
d) Reporting all accidents, whether persons involved are injured or not.
e) Reporting all hazards, potential hazards or persons creating hazards
f) Co-operating with the Organisation, in seeing that regulations are observed and where possible, making suggestions for their improvement.

6. The Organisation accepts responsibility for the control of contractors working on it’s behalf and for the safety of other persons who come into direct contact with their operations.

7. The Organisation accepts the responsibility, where appropriate, for ensuring that all fire precautionary measures are taken to allow free access to emergency escape routes.

8. The Organisation also accepts responsibility for contractors and visitors whilst on the Organisation’s premises.

# Do you have a quality policy?

Stay Sourced places high emphasis on continually improving its processes and products to exceed the requirements of customers. Stay Sourced adopts the principles of ‘Process Management’ and continually builds a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation with the aim of:

Identifying and eliminating all forms of wastes that do not bring value to the customer.
Creating competitive advantage for the whole operation.
Continually adding value to processes and all aspects of the business.
Providing high quality products and service to fully satisfy customer requirements.
To deliver correct, defect free products to our customers on time and within budget.
As part of an ongoing process to achieve these aspirations we have set objectives for product quality including:

Reduction of rejected product.
Reduction in the number of customer complaints.
Increasing the level of customer satisfaction.
Specific objectives and targets are established and reviewed at the regular management review meetings. The company uses training of and communication to all employees to ensure this policy is understood and implemented. As Managing Director I am fully committed to ensuring the implementation of and continual improvement of this quality management system. The Quality Policy is a live document, and is reviewed at regular Management Review meetings.