Promotional collectionAs a result of the wide range of products at Stay Sourced, we can offer you the opportunity to develop a collection of products which are suited to your brand or industry sector. Having a collection can give you far greater control in a number of ways, from brand consistency to the manner in which you run your campaigns. Developing a collection of products can be great to offer your customers and employees alike for instances such promoting a new product or to welcome a new member of staff to the team.

In terms of granting you control, we can also offer up a central ordering point, so if you’re a larger business with multiple ordering locations you can ensure the entire business offers a consistent range of products (in regards to product type and quality) as defined by you. This also provides a cost effective way of sourcing your products as you’ll avoid the added costs of making multiple orders to different suppliers.

Whilst quality, pricing and consistency remain the overarching benefits of putting together a range of products, it will also help you to better plan the way in which your run your campaign. Having a selection of products allows you to better prepare when running a staggered campaign as you’ll be more aware of which products you have available to you down the line.

Using Stay Sourced as your chosen supplier of promotional products will ensure that you benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that the quality of finish will be maintained across the range of products you order. As we get to know you and your business we’ll also be on hand to offer further suggestions for future promotional products if need be.