Targeting an office worker with promotional products


How do you go about offering products to a 9-5 office worker. There’s a good chance that the first few promotional items that come into your mind are pens and mugs. While these are great promotional products to offer, especially within an office environment, there are a whole host of other items that can also be used.

We’ve taken a look at a few suggestions that could work within the workplace, and also a few that your typical office worker could use outside of the workplace below – all with the intention of helping you understand the many ways to target them.

In the workplace

As mentioned above pens and mugs make for great items. They’re both stalwarts in the world of promotional items and look set to remain that way for the foreseeable future. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that they’ll always come in use, mugs are constantly being used with workers getting their caffeine hit every other hour while pens still remain an item used daily, even as we become increasingly reliant on technology.

Aside from pens and mugs though, what else can you offer? Well let’s start with organisational items such as diaries and calendars. It’s fair to assume that not everyone is as organised as each other, however offering these items will certainly help them to be. Keep in mind that people tend to keep their diaries and calendars for the whole year, and they’re also only likely to use one for this duration. So, offer them a couple of months ahead of the new year, before they’ve had a chance to buy a new diary or calendar but close enough to the end of the year where they’ll want to keep the one you give them.

In similar fashion to those mentioned above, USB sticks are also ideal for the workplace. While cloud storage is becoming a popular means of saving work and accessing it from different locations, people still remain reliant on the trusted USB to back up important files. In addition to this, with many people now working remotely it’s also a great way for them to carry a small aspect of your brand around with them.

Having mentioned the need for pens above, it only makes sense that notepads are also considered as the 2 items go hand in hand. The variety of notepads available stretches widely these days, from regular A4 pads to those that come with sticky notes. The range means that there’s something to appeal to most users.

There are also a number of other desk items which could come in use. Products such as mobile phone holders, pen pots, mouse mats and desk clocks can make for handy little additions to the workplace.

As you can see there are a whole host of potential items you can offer so feel free to get a little creative with your selection.

Outside of the workplace

Away from the workplace is where your choice of promotional items can span a little wider, however it can also involve understanding your audience better in order to offer the right products. If we continue to take a typical office worker as our choice of subject we can delve into the items that can be offered.

We’re a nation of tea and coffee lovers, and office workers are no different. In fact, many need their hit of caffeine to start their day so a travel mug can make for a great promotional item. Not only is there a chance that it’ll be seen to be useful, but it will also help your brand be seen by more people given the likely exposure during the morning commute.

Another item that can prove beneficial during a commute (and ties is well with our traditionally grey weather) is an umbrella. Branded umbrellas can provide a huge degree of exposure given the large printing space available and the fact that they’re hard to miss. They’ll also help to resonate a positive association with the brand itself, especially if it helps to protect them from a heavy downpour.

A final note

As we mentioned, understanding your audience can help a great deal. The examples above are just a few suggestions for a general customer type, however the more you know about your audience the more targeted your promotional products may be. For example, businesses based in London, where many people are likely to use public transport to get around, might offer branded headphones which they could use with their smartphones. Since the majority of people on public transport spend their times absorbed by their mobiles – this would make a seemingly fitting product. Similarly,’ if you know that most of your audience are likely to commute to work in a car then you might opt to offer a knock resistant travel mug as opposed to a standard one.

We hope that’s helped to give you an idea of not only the many ways you can target office workers but also the number of opportunities you’ll undoubtedly have open to you to target any other demographic.

If you do have any further questions then feel free to get in touch, we’re more than happy to give you a hand and have services dedicated to helping you find the perfect products for your promotional campaigns.